Hello, my name is
Steve Milker and I’m a


living in the Chicagoland area.

I work on a variety of digital media efforts with extensive knowledge, encompassing many different skills and disciplines. Responsibilities have included working with stakeholders to perform business analysis and gather requirements, conduct usability studies, and present wireframes to the business for pixel perfect front-end implementation using a variety of development tools.

Worked in all stages of the development life cycle on Agile, Iterative and Waterfall based projects. Complete focus on attention to detail and delivering quality results to meet and exceed customer expectations.

The ability to constantly learn new things

This is technology we're talking about. It's ever-changing, ever-growing, and it never stops. You will always need to learn new skills and improve your current skills — or get left in the dust, because you'll render yourself irrelevant.

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Archdiocese of Chicago

Mobile user interface screens (iPhone) were needed for a pursuit presentation to illustrate how a mobile app can bring religion to a younger Archdiocese of Chicago audience. With this work I played a major part in winning this project. I started working at AoC as a Business Analyst and UX Designer. We gathered requirements and built a roadmap with my project manager for a new CMS to replace all of their websites. Goal: Re-brand the Archdiocese presence and integrate this brand across archdioceses, agencies and ministries through a common framework.

Baxter BioSurgery iPad

Baxter BioSurgery is a mobile application developed for the iPad to assist and educate field reps in the health industry. I created a new front end interface for the navigation system which improved the user experience. Revising code and new graphics to streamline and update the user interface. New architecture sitemap was needed to organize and improve performance when loading and replacing media assets (PDF, video). The portfolio comprises products for sealing and tissue regeneration aimed at improving surgical practice.

Cintas Gameification Prototype

Working with Sogetians in the Dallas remote office, I created visuals for an elearning game interface with workflow. The interaction provides a fun way to learn a new process for Cintas employees. The elearning game will help Cintas drivers in the field learn how to use new equipment and technology process.

Mesirow Financial – Mobile Ticket Application

Mesirow requested a demo for a ticket application to manage venue availability and administrative functions. Front end design was needed to illustrate the workflow of the application. I created low-level wireframes to get ideas flowing and then moved to high fidelity prototypes. Working alongside an iOS developer, a demo app was created for the iPhone and presented to the Mesirow team.

Unity Point Health Prototype

Comps were needed then eventually a working demo created for the iPhone to demonstrate iBeacon technology. Teaming up with Chintan Dhruva, I came up with the interface screens and then eventually this came to life in a demo that Joo Lee demonstrated to UnityPoint Health client.

Emerson Process Management Mobile Website

The Emerson Process Management client-facing website incorporates SharePoint for the web application framework. The site communicates Emerson Industries, Products, Services, Brands and Documentation. The project necessitated going mobile using a responsive framework with bootstrap. The goal delivers high fidelity prototypes for mobile (phone) incorporating the bootstrap grid system following new Emerson brand guidelines.

Retail App – HP Tablet Windows Surface

While I researched Microsoft UI guideline and created a mock interface prototype and then provided the Sogeti developer all graphics for the application demo, working with him to make adjustments based on screen region feedback from developer.

Grant Thornton IBX Framework Prototype

Produced comps illustrating the application development process workflow when provisioning a new web server. The UI was created in Adobe Illustrator/Photoshop with a Bootstrap framework grid system and library of form elements.